Chalet  Le Taz

Family cottage with a large well maintained grounds also ideal to have fun with children, and, what to say of the view!


Located on a mountainside directly overlooking the ski slopes of Val St-Côme this cottage is a favorite place if you are looking for the visual spectacle without a doubt!


Equipped with a wood fireplace with quantity of wood provides, dishwasher, microwave, Kurig coffee maker, stove and stove, internet and satellite TV. Bedding and towels provided, provide surplus if needed.


The Taz comfortably accommodates 8 people. Your doggie is welcome but it will not have to go down to the basement or climb into the beds or on the couch. A fence is available to block access to the basement.




- Ski Val St-Come

- National / Regional Hiking Trail

- Bull Falls

- Climbing

- Archery

- ATV trail

- Snowmobile trail

- Public beach (coming soon)

- General store convenience store

- Restaurant

- Credit union

- Grocery

- Etc.





photo credit: Jéréka photo

Member of the Grand Joliette Chamber of Commerce

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